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Eros, Magic, and the Murder of Professor Culianu


Bold Science: Seven Scientists Who Are Changing Our World


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The Longevity Seekers: Science, Business, and the Fountain of Youth



Bold Science: Seven Scientists Who Are Changing Our World  (W.H.  Freeman, 2000, Paperback: 2001) told the story of scientific creativity  and entrepreneurism in the new millenium.  It was an Science  Book pick, a Summer Alternate Selection from the Library of Science and  a featured choice on

The San Francisco Chronicle described  it as being “on the pioneering edge of science writing, spreading the  notion that is a viable field of literary work.”

"Science writing  at its finest.  Ted Anton treats us to the inner workings, warts and  all, of seven of the most creative scientific minds."   Paul Hoffman,  President, Encyclopedia Britannica 

Eros, Magic and the Murder of Professor Culianu (Northwestern  University Press: 1996) won the Carl Sandburg Award and was a finalist  for a Book Award from the Investigative Reporters and Editors.  It was  reviewed in media ranging from The New York Review of Books to the New York Times and appears in German, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and other editions.   

The New York Times called it “an engrossing story of a twentieth century original,” and Publishers Weekly termed  it “an intellectual thriller" in a starred review.  "Fascinating and  excellent... important not just because it illuminates history, but  because at the center of the story is... a figure so interesting no  novelist could invent him.  (In this murder) fiction and fact change  places in a deadly game of masks and illusions."   Andrei Codrescu, National Public Radio

Co-editor, The New Science Journalists (Ballantine: 1995), a collection of classic science writing.

Magazine articles for publications like Slate, Aging Today, Lingua Franca, The Sciences, Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Publishers Weekly and others has been a finalist for a National Magazine Award and cited in three editions of Best American Essays.  My essay, “Riff,” appears in the book One Word: Contemporary Writer on the Words They Love or Loathe (Sarabande, 2010), which received a starred review in Publishers Weekly.

A  former National Science Foundation grants panelist, MacArthur  Fellowship reviewer, and Fulbright Senior Research Fellow, I have given  presentations at venues from the New York Public Library, Newberry  Library, the Harvard Club, University of Chicago, the American Cultural  Center in Bucharest, the American Association for the Advancement of  Science, and for government, industry, and university groups.​

"The Longevity Seekers takes readers on an insider tour of the discoveries bidding to re-shape

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